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Bootloader and personalized DS Disc Questions - pr3ston - 26.10.2015 21:12

Hello to all,

i have a few Questions to Dreamshell...

First: Just burned the DS + Boot Loader Image to use my SD Card. Works great. When i start the Disk without a SD Card i have 2 Options (Load from RAM / Load from Disc). But Load from Disc doesn't work for me. Did i made something wrong ? It would be great, if i could use 1 Disk for SD AND CD based operating.

Second: Is it possible to personalise the Dreamshell Disc too ? Adding Apps worked great for me on SD Card, but i don't know how to do this on Disk. The exsisting (Disc) app.xml Files looking complete different from my selfmade SD ones. Maybe someone can post a correct one (or the code) for adding a .bin based app to the Disc ?

Sorry, if the english is bad, thats not my actual Language

Thanks a lot for your attention

RE: Bootloader and personalized DS Disc Questions - SWAT - 27.10.2015 08:53

The Disc with Boot loader doesn't have DS, so you can't boot from the same disc, need swap bootloader disc to disc with DS.
You can burn the disc with DS (DreamShell 4.0 RC 3 CDI Image) and if you have connected SD with DS, it's load resources from SD, if not have SD, it's load resources from CD.
DS core load resources from all available storage automatically, first check HDD, next SD and at end check CD.

You can personalize disc with DS, find manual for creating images with games in internet or this forum.

RE: Bootloader and personalized DS Disc Questions - pr3ston - 27.10.2015 19:07

Thanks for your Reply...


I know how to create an image from files and this stuff, but not how to add content in DS... I looked a few days in the internet before i startet this topic. Can't find anything i desired for. :/ All i got was uncountable tutorials how to use and prepare sd cards etc. but no one explained how to add apps to disc. :/ Just checked the forum too. So my english is not the best, maybe i missed something.

All i need to know is:

Can i use a normal XML File from my SD Card (sd/apps/example.bin) and just change the path from SD to "cd" or whatever ?

thank you

RE: Bootloader and personalized DS Disc Questions - SWAT - 28.10.2015 08:12

Yep, this is the same files, doesn't matter where it placed, just change the path.
It is best to get the root dinamically (os.getenv("PATH") in lua) and then you can use the same apps on any devices without changes.

PHP код:
os.execute("exec -b -f " .. os.getenv("PATH") .. "/apps/example.bin");