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Korean GD-ROM board - Gillbert - 26.02.2017 04:09

I'd just like to share this, some pics of a GD-ROM board manufactured in Korea.

[Изображение: DSC04212_zpsnqpjdbsx.jpg]

[Изображение: DSC04219_zpsw892l4qj.jpg]

[Изображение: DSC04216_zps7jdezbsk.jpg]

[Изображение: DSC04214_zpss6hec4y9.jpg]

Personally I never saw one before, it came with a VA1 US (but I don't know if someone else had swapped it by other board).

What is different in that board is that it has a separate DRAM chip (IC13_0) and a bigger controller chip (IC 5).

Did anyone have see such board? Huh

RE: Korean GD-ROM board - SWAT - 27.02.2017 07:45

It's looks like ROM with contact points for flashing GD-Drive firmware Smile

RE: Korean GD-ROM board - Gillbert - 28.02.2017 23:36

(27.02.2017 07:45)SWAT писал(а):  It's looks like ROM with contact points for flashing GD-Drive firmware Smile

Datasheet says that is a DRAM chip:

I was wondering if it could be a cache system or something.

RE: Korean GD-ROM board - SWAT - 01.03.2017 10:37

Any drive (HDD,CD,DVD etc) should has cache, and GD-Drive of course too. Any GD-Drive has 128KB memory for cache.
But seems on other versions of GD drive motherboard the memory for cache placed inside some Sega IC.
Datasheet says this DRAM with 128KB size, as have any other GD-Drive...

Surprisingly here is only contact points around DRAM chip... As if for the data dump in real time Smile

RE: Korean GD-ROM board - zeigren - 10.04.2020 18:44

Do you still have the Dreamcast that it came with? If so would you mind uploading some pictures of it or just posting some of the other part numbers? A picture of the other side of the PCB would be much appreciated as well! Smile