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Creating SDISO - what am I doing wrong?
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Вопрос Creating SDISO - what am I doing wrong?

I have some kind of problem with proper creating SDISOs - I don't know what is the best way to do this.
When I try to convert game known to be working, Dreamcast goes back to main menu when game is launched.

Here is my method:
-downloading ISO Make Pack v2.4
-copying a game in GDI format with all tracks to program's main folder
-drag&drop GDI file to "gdi2data.bat"
-hit "hack_lba.bat" after extraction is completed
-finally, use "create_iso.bat" in order to create SDISO

Is the above method correct? After this, Dreamshell can't launch such game - I tried Unreal Tournament. Moreover, when I downloaded ready-made SDISO with UT, it works perfectly.

Any corrections? Where's my mistake?

Best regards, DC owners! Cool
15.01.2019 22:46
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fafadou Не на форуме

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RE: Creating SDISO - what am I doing wrong?
For me you have to extract the ip.bin and put it in the data folder directly with the datas extracted via gdi2data.

For that I use jc-gdrom-explorer-v1.6.1 (the last version is sometime variable).

Use hack_lba only after a test with create iso alone.

Be carreful in the data if you have many .bin files with the start lba like a "2_snd.bin" or a name similar. I had this with F355 challenge.
You have to hack the start lba everywhere.
16.01.2019 00:05
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