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Bootloader and personalized DS Disc Questions
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Вопрос Bootloader and personalized DS Disc Questions
Hello to all,

i have a few Questions to Dreamshell...

First: Just burned the DS + Boot Loader Image to use my SD Card. Works great. When i start the Disk without a SD Card i have 2 Options (Load from RAM / Load from Disc). But Load from Disc doesn't work for me. Did i made something wrong ? It would be great, if i could use 1 Disk for SD AND CD based operating.

Second: Is it possible to personalise the Dreamshell Disc too ? Adding Apps worked great for me on SD Card, but i don't know how to do this on Disk. The exsisting (Disc) app.xml Files looking complete different from my selfmade SD ones. Maybe someone can post a correct one (or the code) for adding a .bin based app to the Disc ?

Sorry, if the english is bad, thats not my actual Language

Thanks a lot for your attention
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26.10.2015 21:12
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