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Dreamshell problem dont allow me to change Loader Device
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Dreamshell problem dont allow me to change Loader Device
Hi folks, hope someone here can help me!

My Dreamcast has the GDi reader intact but its modded with a SD card adapter direclty to the board, so its fast and not using the serial port.

It boots dreamshell from a disc. I played a few CDDA games like Mortal Kombat Gold without crashing and music played well.

Ive been using the Dreamshell to load the D2 reworked Gdi's and it boots great in auto mode

The isoloader says its v.0.6.0.

In this ISOLOADER my games are all being showed as HDD (SD is not even accessible), so I presume my MOD is HDD and not SD, despite the fact it is actually a SD being accessed directly from the board with fast speeds.

I read theres a 0.7.X beta around

D2 and others like Shenmue dont even work in RETRODREAM because it gives an error message:

"Dreamshell ISO from IDE loader v0.7.0
Initializing IDE...
LBA28H HDD dont supported
Error, can't init IDE.

But they do work in Dreamshell Iso Loader v0.6.0

My question is:

Theres any way I can play games like SEGA RALLY 2, TOMB RAIDER 4, RESIDENT EVIL 2 and other WindowsCE games? They give me a black screen, but no error message...


My iso loader doesnt let me select anything from the DEVICE LOADER field, its always on AUTO, the arrow moves anywhere on the screen but dont select the loaders I need to boot games.

Heres a picture of what I want to change:

[Изображение: 20220823-211538.jpg]

Sorry im newbie I purchased this console already modded, since it has a GD driver working I thought it was going to be good for backups and iso loader

Thanks a lot!
24.08.2022 05:30
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